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on my way to see the world, I sit on my ass (a lot)

Yeah, I got a free trip to Florence from my job. No, not Florence, Texas. I'm on my way to Italy...

I have made it as far as Denver (so far). It's been snowing the whole time. I used to think snow looked neat, and it stil can, I know, but when it only falls on flat concrete it loses most of it's cool factor for me. In Denver, McDonalds does not have Dr. Pepper. I am among heathens. Oh well, Italy should supply me with some decent caffeine:)

Five hours is a long layover. I'm glad to be able to channel my energy during this time into my thoughts. I just watched "The Agronomist" for the second time. I cried again. There really aren't enough people living with zeal like that guy. I grew up among some very misguided (read: religious) people, but they at least seemed to believe what they preached. In the end, I found that all my role models were liars, frauds, and worse. Jean Dominique was sincere. On one level, sincerity seems trivial, common, no big deal. On another level, I can say that nothing brightens my day faster than heart-felt self-expression like that. Real religions don't require ancient myths or outdated language. Real religion is whatever people love and live for. Dying for something is nothing unless you live for it. After all, how long does dying take? No one should be understood based on a single minute of their life.

From here, I will:

1. eat junk (Italian) food constantly
2. not sleep again until my trip home! (espressi buoni!!)
3. take some pictures with my new camera
4. collect my thoughts in relative silence b/c I don't know Italian (YES!)
5. eat gelato and watch great baristas,
6. see that city, the one:
that Caesar built,
that has the world's first museum,
that is the home of banking,
that dictates European conservative fashion like Paris does the haute,

I'm sure something will still surprise me!

Ciao, amici, me-espere, qui retorno.

(Note: that's not real Italian, just my fake stuff from Latin class.)
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