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hey, world!

I am in fact still here. Busier than I have been in a while, too.

I am going to tai chi class again today: semester 2, can you believe it?

I am enrolled in Massage Therapy School, and I have gone to my first classes already. I am excited.

I am planning a 10-day retreat this spring to the Vipassana center near Dallas for a life-altering span of meditation and...complete silence. Sounds good, right?

I've signed up for a seminar on 2-way visual communication (trading images) with animals. That's coming next month.

And of course the ISH receptors in my brain are firing, right on time. It tingles! I'm working on a playlist even now...

This year will probably have the same amount of free time as any month of my last year...but I'm ready to be off vacation. It's been 10 years since I got my last degree. I have relaxed...a lot.

Bring it all on:)

And, since I will be in front of my computer more, I *should* be posting more regularly. I hope to.

Ciao ciao.
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