dariobrazil (dariobrazil) wrote,

15 Books Meme!

15 Books That I Love/Recommend (with Author name in ())

Snowcrash (Stephenson)
Looking Backwards (Bellamy)
Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche)
Art of War (Tzu)
Autobiography of Frederick Douglass

The Prophet (Gibran)
Black Voices (Ed. Chapman)
Tales of Power (Castañeda)
Tai-pan (Clavell)
Journal of the Gallic Wars (Caesar)(**in Latin, better, English, still good**)

Why Johnny Can't Read
Mythology (Hamilton)
The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity (Reid)
Getting the Love You Want
Path Notes of an American Ninja Master (Morris)

there are some happy memories in here! if you wonder why any of these are good, feel free to ask.
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