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why i write

not to change the world, but to reveal the simple laws of cause and effect that drive the world we all live in so that others may change it. i believe that if all people were equally empowered with comprehension then no longer would an imbalance of power persist among us. our artificially inflated differences are the source of our worst problems and all our greatest fears.

love is not the answer, not by itself. all the worst things are done in the name of love. I got a great quote recently from a documentary, Zeitgeist, about how the ultra wealthy justify and rationalize their murder and theft for profit, known conventionally as war. David Rockefeller was quoted, when asked why he would help to orchestrate a fake starting point for a needless war, as saying that what really matters is taking care of yourself and your family, screw the rest of the world. as if he needs to try harder to "take care".

yourself and your family. right.

and which human beings are not part of our family?

love is easy to misdirect except when it is protected by the barrier of LOGIC and the openeings to the mind of COMPETING VIEWPOINTS. only with these in place will we continue to be ourselves, because only with these things can we continue to evolve.

there's too much trusting going on, and it protects all the wrong people.

Love should help us, and it will, when we regain our status as a 100% logical species that learns for itself at the individual level.

for many of us, what we are willing to forget is more critical than what we are willing to learn.
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