dariobrazil (dariobrazil) wrote,

Birthday poooool aaaaaction: Sunday lounging

So, since it's been a while, there's going to be some barbecue, swimming, and lounging about going on this Sunday afternoon at my pool (Le Med). Assuming the sun helps me out. Why?

Because this weekend is the closest I could get to partying for my BIRTHDAY.

My real birthday was all work and sleep, mostly. Heather and I got to get some dinner and watch a movie, but then I just fell asleep. Am I old now? Not really, just working a messed up schedule until I finish hiring more people.

I'll be grilling lots of dead things, mixing some drinks, playing the music, etc. Extra barbecue is welcome, as well as beer if you're a beer person. Liquor people should do okay here. And if it's raining, I'll still cook, and the poool will still be there, just too cold for my blood . I need it to be hot! But I'd love to pack this tiny apartment with my friends, so the rain plan is: do it anyway!

I'm thinking from about 2-whenever....
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